Sologamy: India woman's want to 'marry herself' sparks argument

Sologamy: India woman's want to 'marry herself' sparks argument

Kshama Bindu have a vintage Hindu service on account of result to your evening away from eleven June inside a temple regarding the town of Vadodara, throughout the west county out-of Gujarat.

Decked upwards in her own red bridal dress, having henna on her hands and you will vermilion dust inside her locks separating, the new bride to be perform the newest typical 7 rounds inside the sacred flames, she informs me into the cellular telephone from their household.

Pre-relationships rituals eg Haldi (where turmeric mixed with petroleum was applied to the brand new bride to be) and you can sangeet (musical and you may dance) would-be stored earlier in the day. Pursuing the matrimony, she'll check out Goa to possess a-two-week-a lot of time vacation.

The only missing parts of all celebrations would-be: a bridegroom. That is because Ms Bindu intentions to "marry" herself as to what is probably will be India's very first case away from sologamy.

"We tell me I am good hook," the new 24-year-old sociology scholar and you may a writer said. "We let them know, 'I caught myself'."

"Self-relationship was a connection to are there on your own, in order to selecting the livelihood and you can life to assist you build and you may flower into the most live, stunning, and you may seriously pleased person you can be.Read more